June 18, 2018

  • Looking for initial reactions to the mark and overall design.
  • We can still tweak colors, text, etc. 
  • We can include the "we make it happen" or not - I put it in the brief, so some designers did.
  • I personally don't think you need the tagline as part of the logo - but up to you. 
  • My personal favorites are 1 and 2, and I think the whole first row (1-4) are really strong and current. 

I've included a few where I think the mark's have potential, but would definitely want the actual "EZ PRODUCTIONS font to be written more like samples 1 or 2.  Don't get too stuck on little aspects of a certain one if you're liking something... we can mix and match if necessary - for example: take the icon from 14, and the text from 1, etc.  


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(some have extra stuff to see when you click them...)